The power of teamwork

The concept of “team building” is often used in the business environment.  It best applies to bringing together a group of people with a singular purpose.  In sports that purpose is usually a championship but it is often the events that lead up to attaining that goal that are most significant.

This week the Healthy Sports spring training tour is in full swing and one story that seems to dominate the headlines is the New York Yankee injury roster.  Six of the top nine productive players are either injured or recovering from an injury.  Some sports pundits are already predicting a last-place finish.

The only place where these dire predications are not being heard is among the Yankees themselves.  Instead, they have chosen to remain positive and confident that they will win another championship.

That same positive team approach also has great value when facing a health-related problem.

Recently, TV viewers have been able to witness the recovery of anchorwoman Robin Roberts from a bone marrow transplant.  The transplant was necessary after her previously successful battle with breast cancer.  A team of doctors, nurses, family members and close friends was carefully assembled for the long ordeal.  Their principle job was to provide encouragement and remain positive throughout the ordeal. 

It is no coincidence that Roberts was previously an outstanding college basketball player and ESPN host who understood the importance of having the right team in place.  In fact, studies have shown that patients who have a support team are more successful in conquering an illness and those who face a terminal condition have a better quality of life in their final days.

Little league baseball season is about to begin and for many children this will be their first experience with the concept of a team.  It is the responsibility of the adults involved to make sure that their experience is one that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

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